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We offer several standard cookie shapes and dog treat flavor varieties.
All of our products are made fresh to order; minimum purchases per batch may apply.

*Stores & Wholesale Customers:  Please contact us for a current wholesale product price list, order form and vendor set-up information.  Pricing on this website does not reflect our wholesale pricing.

*Retail Customers:
  California K9 Kitchen is pleased to offer retail orders on select products direct thorough this website.  You can find the products that are available for direct sale on our retail sales page.

*See Guaranteed Analysis information*

*See note about our products handling instructions at the bottom of this page*



Hand Decorated Gourmet Dog Cookies

Hand Decorated Cookies - click for larger imageHand Decorated Cookies - click for larger image

We offer a wide range of cookie shapes and sizes to choose from. Like our Dinky Doughnuts, Dipped Bones, Birthday Bones and
more; there is something for everyone!  Our cookies and are hand
decorated with carob, yogurt and/or dog friendly candy sprinkles.  Detailed ingredients will be posted at store locations.

Doggie Cannoli - click for larger imageDoggie Cannoli - click for larger image
  Sold individually or by the dozen!  These cannoli look just like the real thing and we guarantee just about every doggie will flip for these!  The cannoli are hand decorated with a partial yogurt
filling, and a carob drizzle.  The ends are topped with chopped pecan sprinkles; yum!  Detailed ingredients will be posted at store locations.


Pizza slicesPizza bonesPizza!  Available sliced or in bone shapes.
*Coming soon, frozen pizzas you bake at home*
Ingredients:  Unbleached four, rice flour, whole wheat flour, powdered milk, water, vegetable oil, chicken bullion, eggs, and vitamin E.  Topping includes:  Roasted red bell pepper puree, oregano, rosemary, parmesan cheese, and flaxseed.


Pretzels and Twists!
Pretzels and Twists! 
Ingredients: Whole wheat flour, unbleached flour, rice flour, powdered milk, water, vegetable oil, molasses vanilla extract, eggs & vitamin E. Coatings and decoration may include yogurt, carob, flaxseed,& food coloring.  Can be made from the same dough as our pizza too!


Peanut Butter Sandwich Cookie BonesPeanut Butter Sandwich Cookies
Large and Small Peanut Butter Sandwich Cookies! 
Ingredients: Whole wheat flour, unbleached flour, rice flour, powered milk, water, vegetable oil, peanut butter, molasses, vanilla extract, eggs & vitamin E.  Coating and decoration may include yogurt, carob, sprinkles pecans & food coloring.


Granola Bones
Granola Bones: 
Ingredients: Rolled Oats, unbleached, flour or rice flour, honey,  vegetable oil, vanilla extract, & vitamin E.  Bones may also include carob or yogurt
chips and cinnamon.  Coating and decoration may include yogurt dip or drizzle,
carob, sprinkles & food coloring.


Carob Brownies w/ Yogurt Drizzle - click for larger imageCarob Brownies Plain - click for larger imageCarob Brownies:
Our scrumptious 2” carob brownie squares are baked to perfection and come either plain or drizzled with yogurt.  Availability may vary depending on store location.  Ingredients:  Whole wheat flour, unbleached flour, carob powder, baking soda, vegetable oil, and vitamin E.  Brownies can also be ordered with pecans.

Peanut Butter Cups
Peanut Butter Cups 
Ingredients: Carob or yogurt coating.  Filling: Peanut butter, confectioners sugar and corn syrup.  Yogurt decoration may include food coloring.


Cakes & Pup-cakes

Celebration Cake - click for larger imageCelebration Cake:  Our 7” diameter celebration cake is baked and decorated per your order.  Cakes can be ordered in two flavors.  Each cake is frosted with a peanut butter/cream cheese blend with cream cheese piping and a carob paw print and/or your pets’ name.  We can also make 6 regular size “Pup-Cakes” frosted with a peanut butter/cream cheese blend as an option for the same price.

Cake Flavors: Peanut Butter, Carob & Pecan:  Ingredients:  Unbleached flour, baking soda, peanut butter, vegetable oil, honey, pecans, egg, carob chips and vitamin E.

Banana Nut & Cinnamon:  Ingredients:   Unbleached flour, baking powder, banana, vegetable oil, eggs, water, pecans, carob chips, cinnamon and vitamin E.

Celebration Cake & Pup-Cakes - click for larger imagePup-Cakes - click for larger imageMini-Pup-Cakes:  Mini-Pup-Cakes are festive and perfect to have on hand for any occasion, from a puppy party to a playdate.  These tasty little treats are a regular favorite and can be found in stock at many store locations.  Ingredients:  Rolled oats, unbleached flour (or rice flour), honey, vegetable oil, vanilla extract, & vitamin E.  May include food coloring, carob or yogurt chips, sprinkled with chopped pecans, flaxseed or candy sprinkles.



Guaranteed Analysis

Peanut Butter Dog Cookies
Moisture 8.6%
Dry Matter 91.4%
Crude Protein 15.3%
Adjusted Crude Protein 15.3%
Crude Fiber 1.6%
Crude Fat 14.3%
Ash 1.73%
Total Nitrogen 2.4%

Molasses Dog Cookies
(Includes pretzel)
Moisture 8.7%
Dry Matter 91.3%
Crude Protein 13.3%
Adjusted Crude Protein 13.3%
Crude Fiber 1.2%
Crude Fat 11.7%
Ash 1.69%
Total Nitrogen 2.1%

Chicken Cheese Dog Cookies
Moisture 10.0%
Dry Matter 90.1%
Crude Protein 15.2%
Adjusted Crude Protein 15.2%
Crude Fiber 1.1%
Crude Fat 13.0%

Decorated Dog Cookies
(Includes doughnuts, cannoli, dipped paws. . . birthday bones and all decorated cookies)
Moisture 10.1%
Dry Matter 89.9%
Crude Protein 11.0%
Adjusted Crude Protein 11.0%
Crude Fiber 1.0%
Crude Fat 16.0%
Ash 1.36%
Total Nitrogen 1.8%

Doggie Granola
(Includes granola bones, pup cakes and birthday cakes)
Moisture 12.3%
Dry Matter 87.7%
Crude Protein 6.9%
Adjusted Crude Protein 6.9%
Crude Fiber 0.8%
Crude Fat 13.3%
Ash 1.36%
Total Nitrogen 1.1%

Doggie Peanut Butter Cup
Moisture 5.0%
Dry Matter 95.0%
Crude Protein 8.2%
Adjusted Crude Protein 8.2%
Crude Fiber 5.6%
Crude Fat 27.1%
Ash 1.74%
Total Nitrogen 1.3%

Moisture 10.0%
Dry Matter 90.1%
Crude Protein 15.2%
Adjusted Crude Protein 15.2%
Crude Fiber 1.1%
Crude Fat 13.0%

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Special Order and Custom Products

Don’t see something in our standard product line and want something special?  California K9 Kitchen is dedicated to providing excellent customer service and can develop a service or product line that is perfect for your store and location.  Contact us with your ideas and requests.

Private Labeling
California K9 Kitchen can private label all of our standard treats specifically for your store complete with your own logo.  We will work with you to design your packaging to suit your needs.

Recipe Development
California K9 Kitchen works with you to develop a custom specialty dog treat and/or doggie cake recipe specifically for you and unique to your store.


About our fresh baked dog treats and snacks:

California K9 Kitchen gourmet cookies, cakes and muffins are dog treats and meant as treats.  These snacks and treats should not be given to your pet as a primary source of nutrition.  Even though the ingredients we use are of the very best human quality and are all natural/organic; animal digestive systems are very delicate and are often sensitive to change in diet and introduction of new foods.  Some pets may have allergic reactions to certain food groups and it is the pet owner's responsibility to know be aware of their pet’s tolerance or intolerance to any certain food products.

Many of these snacks/treats contain peanuts; pecans and peanut butter.  People and animals that have an allergy to nuts should not ingest or handle any of the products prepared by California K9 Kitchen as all products are processed and packaged in the same facility.

Handling and storage of our fresh baked dog treats and snacks:

All California k9 Kitchen packaged products display a “Best By” date.  The shelf life of these packaged treats can be extended by freezing.

Our soft baked products such as special order birthday cakes, muffins, and carob brownies should be used or frozen by the “Best by” date.  It is recommended that these products are stored in a refrigerator or freezer.  Your retailer will supply you with handling information at time of purchase information.

The hard baked and decorated treats at your store’s bakery case are delivered to participating store locations weekly. Each store is responsible for following our product handling and use by date guidelines. You can be guaranteed that the treats in the case meet our freshness guidelines.

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Retail Stores:

Do you have a retail store and want to carry our products?  You don’t have to be a pet related store, daycare or boutique!  You just need to have a clientele that wants quality products and services for their pet.  Contact us for more information and to receive our wholesale price list.

Want to sell or distribute our products?

Most of our products sell themselves; but we are always interested in speaking with people that are motivated and enjoy making new contacts, then servicing and maintaining those accounts.  Contact us for more information.

Interested in a franchise or business opportunity?

More and more people are recognizing their pets as family members. California K9 Kitchen believes that the quality and innovation of our product line capitalizes on this growing trend.

We are always interested in speaking with people that want to be part of pioneering this new, exciting and growing industry.   Contact us for more information.

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Visit the California K9 Kitchen CafePress Store to see all of the great merchandise!

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